Podcast 28: Speech Therapy for Stuttering

Podcast on Speech Therapy by Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy (PT) - CAPAAR

Speech Therapy for Stuttering | Speech Therapist in Bangalore | CAPAAR

Hi… this is Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy, a Senior Physiotherapist, at CAPAAR. As you guys know, our motive is to give our maximum love, support, and care to kids who are in need and their families.

In today’s episode, I am going to talk to you about “Speech Therapy for Stuttering”

Do you find your child stammering often while talking? Does your child prolong a word or syllable while speaking? If yes, your child may be suffering from a speech disorder called stuttering or stammering but is now labeled as childhood-onset fluency disorder.

Keep listening to the below audio file to know more…

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