Home Physiotherapy

Home Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Home Services

Does your morning start with the thought, how challenging it is going to be to pull yourself up and leave home again today for that appointment with your physiotherapist? Well, be rest assured, your worries have are now being answered.

The CAPAAR centre NOW presents to you ‘Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services at your door step’ across Bangalore to attend to all your physiotherapy and rehabilitation requirements with the best qualified physiotherapist visiting your home directly!

  • Is your age making your visit to the physiotherapy centre every day difficult? And you are looking for help to visit?
  • Is paralysis playing a role in your transfer from home to car or car to hospital hard?
  • That trouble you face in your bladder or bowel, not letting you visit physiotherapy centre?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable when think of physiotherapy centre
  • Are you worried of contracting infections in hospital
  • Is it difficult to make time for physiotherapy centre visit post office hours?
  • Is vehicular traffic aggravating your back pain condition?
  • We offer relief to you with multiple service options right at your home itself – A One Stop Solution for all of the above issues that you face.
Physiotherapy Home Services

Well it’s quite possible that you may have been consulting at a different place and even had surgery at another hospital. It doesn’t matter to us as we just intend to offer you excellence in physiotherapy care at CAPAAR. If you are in search of the Best Physiotherapy Home Service in Bangalore, please do feel free to get in touch with us.

Having a team of highly experienced physiotherapists at CAPAAR who have treated numerous types of conditions and also patients from small ages to adults as well. The home visits done by our Physiotherapist is aimed at maximizing recovery in your home environment, say post an injury or chronic disease. Physiotherapy services will helps in reducing pain, improving strength, balance, coordination and movement aims to maximize your ability to participate in everyday activities, prevent complications, and promote you good health. And also with an important objective of staying away from getting hospitalized or getting into those other treatments that require a longer duration affecting your personal life

CAPAAR is fully dedicated to offer you the Best of its kind home therapy Best Physiotherapy Home Services in Bangalore city. We do as we know the special needs in old ages specially those reasons that cause problems in your movements to our therapy centers. This is why we have come up with w wonderful care innovation of offering you physiotherapy services inside your home environment itself from our highly skilled and experienced physiotherapy specialists.

A valid reason to choose CAPAAR physiotherapist for home care physiotherapy services
  • Physiotherapists are chosen based on stringent screening
  • Thorough substantiation based treatment methods are followed.
  • Frequent skill up gradation physiotherapists with scheduled training.
  • Majority of the team has Masters in physiotherapy.
  • The same level of service Experience at home as in the physiotherapy centre
  • CPM available at your home after post-operative knee surgeries.
  • Professionals trained in neuro rehabilitation approaches also.
  • Regular monitoring of treatments and quality delivery by experienced physiotherapist.
  • Multiple forms of Electrotherapy treatment also at your door step.

CAPAAR has all the resources available like the supplies all the physical therapy tools and not to mention the certain expertise necessary take good care of your condition and treat it well. Our therapists will work with you inside your home environment itself to accomplish a similar high standard of care that you expect in any other good hospital in the city.

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CAPAAR is an integrated therapeutical setup dedicated to treat kids with special needs. So that they can lead a meaningful and independent life.

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