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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Best Autism Treatment Centre in Bangalore, Hulimavu | CAPAAR.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurological disorder that starts early in the childhood and usually is permanent throughout the patient’s life. Interestingly boys are four times more susceptible to it than girls. The severity of the disease may vary from mild to severe and can affect children in different ways as well. However they share two main kinds of symptoms:

  • Facing difficulty when it comes to communication and interactions socially.
  • Behaviors which are repetitive in nature and reserved or abnormal interest patterns, including sensory symptoms for example a increased sensitivity to noises, touch or smell.

Since this disorder come with wide variations in terms of symptoms and severity,  making the diagnosis not that really easy. A specific medical test doesn’t pre-exist to diagnose it. The Specialists at CAPAAR the Best Autism Treatment Centre in Bangalore recommend observational techniques and tests in order to determine how the child’s social communication, behavior to assess their performance. But at any given point of time if you feel your child is suffering symptoms similar to ASD, or if you are worried on your child’s development and behavior at any given age immediately go for check up with no further delay.

This disorder affects children differently. The children will be characterized by different level skills and different struggles while suffering from ASD.

In spite of  the varying symptoms based on severity, the core symptoms that show up ASD remain:

  • Facing difficulty when it comes to communication and interactions socially.
  • Behaviors which are repetitive in nature and reserved or abnormal interest patterns, including sensory symptoms for example a increased sensitivity to noises, touch or smell.

These symptoms normally appear in the initial years of life. Some delicate differences may appear before the child is 12 months old like avoiding eye contact, not making use of gestures or even not replying when name is called. Occasionally children develop well usually during initial months, but later stop accumulating new skills or probably even give up skills at around 1.5 to 2 years of age.

In case of another group of children where ASD severity is not high,the symptoms may not develop until they reach adolescence.

Below are few things may be noticed by parents of children with ASD in them :

  • Communication and Interaction issues with outsiders and even family
  • Issues with speaking or not speaking at all
  • Expressions of feelings getting difficult
  • Clear inability to grasp opposite persons feelings
  • Avoiding physical contact with outsiders including family
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Making new friends not easy for them
  • Eye contact being avoided
  • not use of even gestures for communicating
  • Repetition of a word or a phrase
  • Not catching jokes, sarcasm and subtitles
  • Tendency to repeat particular motions
  • Strange ways of playing toys
  • Development of anxiety when a routine is broken towards which liking is there
  • Sticking onto a particular interest unaware of time being spent

Unusual sensory behaviors such as:

  • Mental attachment to light and moving objects
  • Giving stares at things from eye corners

Dislike towards few sensory stimulation:

  • Noises that are loud in nature
  • Attachment towards certain sensory inputs like deep pressure on skin

Inspite of so much research, the core causes of ASD are unknown. Causes vary from children to children as well. Even though factors like having a sibling with ASD or father who is of higher age, or presence of genetic conditions have been identified by researchers – actual children with ASD even have shown no such hints in them which is surprising.

The changes in the pattern in which the brain is formed is typically the result despite whatever is the cause. Genetics,DNA changes from parents and chromosomes can also play a role.

At CAPAAR the Best Autism Treatment Centre in Bangalore, ASD assessments will include:

  • Neurological exam and Medical examination
  • Cognitive ability review of affected child
  • Child’s speech and language ability test
  • Behavior examination of the child
  • Detailed discussion with the child’s parents on its behavior
  • Understanding child’s family history through questions

First step is the ASD diagnosis. The experts at our facility design and perform will then perform deep evaluations to capture precisely your child’s strength areas and areas that require help. Evaluations like these offer crucial insights on the most beneficial behavioral therapies and programs of education.

Experts with highest area of expertise with the likes of  a child neurologists, developmental behavioral pediatricians, speech-language pathologists, child psychologists and psychiatrists, educational specialists and occupational therapists will be deployed by us for maximum care and best treatment.

Tests may be prescribed additionally:

  • Vision test and hearing test to check if child has a problem that’s getting added to symptoms
  • Blood lead test
  • Wood’s lamp exam, Unique skin test to determine tuberous sclerosis
  • Metabolic disorder Test
  • Neurological Imaging Tests like MRI
  • EEG
  • Evaluation of nutrition consumption for children who eat less

Genetic testing

At CAPAAR the Best Autism Treatment Centre in Bangalore we advise that children whore being diagnosed with ASD to go for a genetic testing to analyze precise DNA changes that’s linked to ASD and can potentially create medical complications.

Genetic testing for ASD at CAPAAR comprises of a chromosomal micro array (CMA) test and testing for fragile X syndrome (in boys). Other genetic testing may be appropriate for autism children who have particular symptoms.

You may find yourself in the middle of a maze when your child has recently been diagnosed with ASD, as you will be looking for the best therapies and help your child restore its age equivalent communication and skills that it should have developed in order to enable its life back to its full potential.

a. Behavioral therapies for autism

Numerous Behavioral Therapies are available that can enable children with ASD to develop language, social skills. They are categorized based on children’s age. For children under the age of 3 Early Intervention services are prescribed and for the rest Special Education Services are suitable.

CAPAAR recommends specific therapies and educational programmes that fulfill your child’s needs while playing to her strengths. Let’s consider the example few children who are naturally strong visual learners: Interestingly they may not grasp verbal explanation/information so well. While there could be some children may not be good at speaking or eye contact but may grasp spoken requests and explanations well.

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) It is a therapy that focuses identifying those behavior patterns which need to be restricted and the ones that need to be reinforced. ABA focuses on new skills that will be practiced repeatedly and creating positive reinforcements. These new skills are broken down into smaller steps in order to enable the child to try develop more complex skills gradually which involves customization for each child based on the condition.

DIR®/Floortime™ This technique involves use of the social relationship between a child and the parent with the focus to better the child’s social and communication skills

SCERTS® It stands for Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Supports) and RDI (Relationship Development Intervention).

Our team at CAPAAR the Best Autism Treatment Centre in Bangalore includes ASD resource specialists who will be guiding you to pick between developmental therapies and educational therapies and navigate community resources.

b. Alternative Therapies

Through our advanced Autism Language Program your child may learn to use various means of communication like speech, symbol, gestures, sign language and other modern innovative means of communication.

Physical therapy can help develop child’s motor skills like using its hands or other parts of her body) and effectively negotiate with sensory inputs from its environment.

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