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Best Autism Treatment in Hulimavu, Bangalore | CAPAAR is an integrated therapeutical setup dedicated to treat kids with special needs. So that they can lead a meaningful and independent life. CAPAAR as a team works hard to better understand children’s disability and work with them to ensure that they have a happier day-to-day life.

AT CAPAAR we approach an integrated therapy. As the word indicates “integrated therapy” which means a progressive form of therapy that combines different therapeutic tools and approaches to fit the needs of every child. With an understanding of normal human development, an integrative therapy modifies standard treatments to fill in developmental gaps that affect each kid in different ways. An integrative therapy becomes more flexible and inclusive approach to treatment more than traditional therapy.

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CAPAAR team includes physical therapists, occupational therapist and speech and language pathologist who evaluates and treats children with neurological, orthopedic, rheumatic, conginental and sensory integration disorder.

CAPAAR pediatric physical therapy is focused on enhancing core stability, lower extremity function, gait training, balance training and gross motor ability. Our experienced therapists create individualized therapeutic programs based evaluation and evidence based practices.

CAPAAR pediatric occupational therapy focuses on functional skills for increased independence in the home, school and community.

CAPAAR speech and language pathology services include the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of children with language, articulation, feeding and oro-motor delays. Clinicians emphasize on early communication development and treatment of speech productions and feeding disorders.
The uniqueness of CAPAAR is our sensory integration setup with wider usage of space. The therapist use sensory integration approaches with providing intervention so as to address the underlying sensory and motor foundation that help a child learn new skills more easily. The therapist focus on lots to develop whole-body motor planning foundations needed to master the child. The theory behind it is that overtime the brain will adapt and allow kids to process and react to sensations more efficiently.

CAPAAR team of therapist work with the child and his or her family to help him gain the skills he needs to keep up with his peers. Explore the world around him and enjoy he many beautiful things childhood has to offer.

CAPAAR also embraces a family centred approach ensuring that the child’s family is actively involved with a constant stream of communication between parent and therapist. When parents and therapist work together, they both gain new insights that lead to a better understanding of the child as well as more effective intervention.

Our Values

Vision & Mission


Promoting a positive change through our various therapies by giving the children a chance to lead their best quality day to day life.


To provide the highest quality of therapies and care for children to improve and optimize their quality of life and create the awareness & support for their families.

We develop relationships that will make a positive impact in our children lives

We provide outstanding services to deliver premium value to our customers

We uphold the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethical conduct. We are transparent, honest, and ethical in all our interactions with our staffs, clients, families, associates, professionals, and the public.

We continuously learn and create new opportunities and ways of providing quality service and care

We believe teamwork leverages our individual strengths. To maximize our collective impact, we inspire, challenge, collaborate, listen, support and guide each other to provide the very best quality of service and care for the customers and families we serve.

Each small achievement can lead to an amazing success. We celebrate with those we work with and recognize that a small milestone reached can mean a big victory for the child and their family.


CAPAAR is an integrated therapeutical setup dedicated to treat kids with special needs. So that they can lead a meaningful and independent life.

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