Speech & Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

CAPAAR the Best Speech and Language Therapy in Hulimavu assess speech, language, cognitive-communication, and oral/feeding/swallowing skills to identify types of communication problems and the best way to treat them.Our Therapists use a variety of strategies, including:

  • Speech-language difficulties due to hearing impairment
  • Speech Language difficulties due to Cerebral Palsy, Specific Language Impairment, Mental Retardation, Down Syndrome
  • Dysfluent Speech (Stammering)
  • Unclear Speech with Articulation & Phonological disorders
  • Speech problems associated with a repaired cleft of lip & Palate.
  • Speech Problems due to Oro-facial muscular weakness.
  • Voice Problems
  • Speech-Language Problems due to Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Speech difficulties due to Apraxia, Dysarthria
  • Speech Language difficulties due to Stroke (in Adults)
  • Aphasia, Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Learning, Reading & Writing disabilities in children
  • Parent Counseling & Parent Education
Speech and Language Therapy

Is your Baby connecting with you…?

Early Warning Signs!!

CAPAAR the Best Speech and Language Therapy in Hulimavu says that every baby develops at a different pace, but most children acquire many of the same skills at the same ages. Here are a few early warning signs of a potential developmental delay or a delay in communication skill that might result in possible Speech Language & Cognitive Impairments.

By 4 months of age:
  • Doesn’t respond to loud noises.
  • Doesn’t notice hands
  • Doesn’t follow moving objects with eyes
  • Doesn’t babble
  • Doesn’t pay attention
  • Doesn’t attempt to grasp or hold objects.
By 8 months of age:
  • Refuses to cuddle
  • Shows no attention to parents or caregivers
  • Doesn’t seem to enjoy being around with people
  • Doesn’t turn head to locate sounds
  • Shows no interest in games
  • Absence of social smile
By 12 months of age:
  • Doesn’t crawl
  • Cannot stand with support
  • Doesn’t point to objects
  • Absence of single word utterance
  • Doesn’t learn to use gestures
  • Doesn’t search for objects that are hidden while he watches.

If so … Act Early. Your child might require assistance!!

Seek an advice from our CAPAAR the Best Speech and Language Therapy in Hulimavu which has been certified as Speech Language Pathologist!

Early Identification facilities early Intervention that enable successful Integration of your child into mainstream society.

Yes, you can overcome your STAMMERING!!

The smooth & easy flow of utterance in a speech is regarded as the Fluent Speech. This smooth & easy flow of speech depends upon the continuity of speech utterances, effort with which the utterances are affected, rate or the speech with which the speech is articulated & the rhythm of speech. Whenever these dimensions are broken it results in Dvsfluent Speech.

So when speech is frequently disrupted by Repetitions, Blocks & Prolongations, it takes the form of a fluency disorder termed as STUTTERING. Also commonly identified as Stammering.

Although the major forms of stuttering include “Developmental Stuttering”, “Neurogenic Stuttering” & “Psychogenic Stuttering” it is ‘Developmental Stuttering’ that is very commonly seen. Here, the speaker knows what to say, but is unable to say it without repetitions & blocks. Normally seen between 2 yrs & 6 yrs of age. This can also get carried on to teenage & adulthood if proper intervention is not initiated at the onset.

Danger Signs include:
  • Dysfluency for more than 10% of the total words spoken.
  • Sound/Syllable Repetitions.
  • Sound Prolongations.
  • Silent visible fixes between speech
  • Distressed feeling due to disruptions in speech.
  • Avoidance of speaking situations due to negative anticipations.
  • Visible signs of struggle during speech production.
Consult our certified Speech-language Pathologist/Therapist for more advice!
Treatment offered for children as well as Adults in separate individual sessions!!

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CAPAAR is an integrated therapeutical setup dedicated to treat kids with special needs. So that they can lead a meaningful and independent life.

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