Podcast 29: Role of Physiotherapy in Geriatric People

Podcast New Theme - Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy (PT)

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Hi… this is Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy, a Senior Physiotherapist, at CAPAAR. As you guys know, our motive is to give our maximum love, support, and care to kids who are in need and their families.

In today’s episode, I am going to talk to you about “Role of Physiotherapy in Geriatric People”.

Aging or getting old makes our body go through many physical changes. These changes usually cause a decrease in muscle strength, bone density, body coordination, and even make the joints stiffer, which sometimes can lead to falls and fractures. For elderly citizens, exercising may be the key for bringing back and sustaining the physical function required in daily living. Exercise programs set by a physiotherapist can help in reducing body pain, enhancing the movement of joints, facilitating coordination, and boosting respiratory function.

Elderly people suffering from chronic diseases can also obtain benefits from physiotherapy. Though physiotherapy cannot stop the process of aging it can help to reduce the impact that it has on our bodies. Physiotherapists are trained professionals who can identify the factors that prevent elderly people from being active and independent. Exercising on regular basis can also help to reduce the risk and impact of illnesses that are more likely to affect older people. So, in this podcast episode, i will discuss the various conditions suffered by elderly people who require physiotherapy in bangalore.

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