Podcast 20: Understanding the levels of autism

Levels of Autism

Centres for Autism Near Me | CAPAAR

Hi… this is Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy, Senior Physiotherapist, at CAPAAR. As you guys know, our motive is to give our maximum love, support, and care to kids who are in need and their families.

In today’s episode, I am going to talk to you about “Different Levels of Autism”.

If you believe the stats then almost 1 in every 59 children suffer from autism. The signs of this condition are being seen at a young age, but not everyone comes to know of the condition till a young age. The doctors have categorized autism into 3 levels on the basis of their different symptoms. One level might be that the child might not be able to adjust socially, the second level is repetitive behaviors and the third one might be restrictive. So doctors have assigned these levels on the basis of these behaviors and the severity of symptoms.

Keep listening to the below audio file to know more about the different levels of autism and its symptoms in brief…

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