Podcast 11: Signs That Your Child Needs Speech Therapy in Bangalore

Signs that your child needs speech therapy
Welcome to CAPAARAutism Parental Tips” Podcast. As you guys know, our motive is to give our maximum love, support, and care to differently-abled children and their families.
In today’s episode, our Speech Pathologist has come out with a new podcast topic called “Signs That Your Child Needs Speech Therapy in Bangalore”.
Most of us tend to believe that speech therapy is needed only by children who have a hearing impairment and need medical support to learn to speak. However, a number of other children who may exhibit speech disorders like stuttering, stammering, confusing alphabets may also sometimes need the help of a therapist to guide them home. Actually, speech therapy is essential for many common language and speech disorders, which may otherwise hinder overall growth and personality development.
Learn more about “Signs That Your Child Needs Speech Therapy in Bangalore” by listening to the below audio file…

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