5 Lifestyle Strategies for Pain Management

Lifestyle Strategies for Pain

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Pain is a complex phenomenon. Pain could be of two forms. The pain that kicks off from an intense body work out in the form of pain that can induce a positive change in you. The other form of pain some are simply just pain that causes terrible discomfort and agony leading to no good. For instance, the pain that developing from a bad fall causing an ankle twist or a sprained leg. However, both these forms can make one’s day to day life difficult. The chronic pains are the worst as they tend to linger on for a long time. This not only challenging to the body physically but also emotionally, sometimes even resulting in increased levels of stress.

In addition to prescribed medications, one of the proven effective strategies to manage pain is through Physiotherapy.  In physiotherapy, the patients are advised to adopt some lifestyle changes along with the therapy to attain an improved physical and mental state.  We at CAPAAR Physiotherapy, a center for Pain Management, formulate a quality extensive plan for pain treatment and management coupled with lifestyle strategies for better pain management to all our patients.

Through this blog, we hope to disseminate some of the lifestyle strategies to make pain manageable that has proven to be successful in our myriad patients to overcome the agonies of pain.

5 most important strategies for pain management by Best Pain Management Doctors in Bangalore at CAPAAR:

Best Pain Management Doctors in Bangalore Best Pain Management Doctors in Bangalore

  • Know how to manage stress: The agony of pain escalates and persists for a long time when you are under stress. Stress adversely affects, not just your mental well being, but also your physical health. Tensing your muscles and gritting your teeth are evident physical signs of stress. Simples routines such as focused breathing exercises, listening to calming music or meditation can greatly help manage stress. Learn and practice to calmly approach the situation or factor that is stemming from the stress within you.
  • Be physically alert and active: Most day- to- day pain is frequent and exaggerated in a lethargic body. By being physically alert, you can manage as well as avoid pain. When your body is engaged in physical activity such as aerobic or cardio, the body releases a feel-good hormone, scientifically termed as endorphins.  These endorphins function as natural pain relievers. If you hate the idea of exercising, take up Zumba dance sessions. Keep in mind to always consult your physician before taking up a vigorous activity if you are above the age of 40 or have recently undergone surgery.
  • Sleep well: Some pains are directly associated with the quality of sleep you get. Relief from the pain in the knee or joints and even sciatica pain is speedy when you get a good amount of quality sleep. You may feel groggy and drowsy after an interrupted or sleepless night. This could sometimes be due to the medications. Typically, waking up from a good night’s sleep is crucial as it governs the energy level and mind. A well-slept body can fight pain better than a sleep-deprived body.
  • Watch what you eat: Nutritional factors greatly impact pain. A professional dietician will be able to better understand your deficiencies and tailor a diet accordingly that best suits you and your purpose. It caters to pain related to knee joint pain or upper back pain.  Diets are suggested along with physiotherapy sessions in order to fasten the process of recovery. A well-balanced diet contributes to the overall improvement of the physical health of the body and mind.
  • Take it easy: The most important factor to any cure is to maintain a positive attitude. The fast-paced lifestyle and the demanding job lets no one escape from the loop of stress. The exhaustion from this gravely affects your well-being. It is important to know to prioritize health. When under immense pressure, always take a break (grab a tea or listen to music) and reboot yourself for the task ahead of you. Taking some time off in between the schedules can help you freshen your mind and reset your mind in ways that will leave you surprised.

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