Effective Ways to Fight against ADHD & Over thinking

Ways to Fight against ADHD & Over thinking | ADHD Clinic in Bangalore. CAPAAR

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We all suffer from over thinking from time to time, but when it starts to disrupt our daily functions; it can become a health hazard. Over thinking is a feature of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In this type of disorder, over thinking to the point where one cannot function in daily life is a serious impediment to leading a healthy life. Most often, the person get trapped in repeated thoughts of the past, where they go over past painful situations or memories over and over again which can drain all their energy and time. Even if your thoughts move away from those memories temporarily, these thoughts have a way of making their way back into your head.

Over thinking is a major cause of depression and can lead to a lot of frustration for the person experiencing it. The replaying of bad memories in your head makes one feel horrible about them and takes way the person’s ability to enjoy life, in addition to reducing their self-esteem and self-worth. Luckily there are a number of effective methods that people suffering from ADHD can use at CAPAAR the Best ADHD Clinic in Bangalore.

Rough Side Effects of ADHD over thinking

Effects of ADHD over thinking | ADHD Clinic in Bangalore Effects of ADHD over thinking | ADHD Clinic in Bangalore

Needless to say, over thinking have a lot of adverse side effects. Here are three of the most common ones:

  • Over thinking forces you to isolate yourself from other people. Repeated thoughts can make you will feel lonelier than ever, due to the fact that you will most likely be isolating yourself from other people. Your tendency to over-dissect even the most casual of conversations can cause you to believe that people are trying to hurt you even when their intentions were harmless.
  • Your confidence decreases. When you constantly brood about your mistakes – even the minor ones – you will tend to lose your confidence and self-esteem. For example, you were late only once, but since you keep playing it over and over again in your head, for like a thousand times, it would feel like you were late for 1,000 times as well.
  • It lowers your immune system. Over thinking can weaken your immune system and overall health. Your mental health can be dangerous to your physical health as well.

Not All ADHD Thinking Is Bad

ADHD Over Thinking | ADHD Clinic in Bangalore ADHD Over Thinking | ADHD Clinic in Bangalore

Over thinking is a common feature with people who suffer from ADHD. There are means to cope with over thinking and manage it to enhance daily functioning. An ADHD person tends to jump from one activity to the other (another common feature associated with the disease) which can cause stress and plays havoc in their lives. But the good news is that there are 4 ways through which people with ADHD can beat their over thinking.

4 Way To Prevent Over thinking

To start your war against over thinking, a person with ADHD can divert their focus on the external environment instead of what is happening in their minds and their inner thoughts.

1) A Fun & Exciting Distraction

Listing out all the activities that you find fun and exciting, can lead you to think about good positive thoughts that make you feel good instead of entertaining negative thoughts about yourself.

2) Get Moving!

Exercise can be a great way to release feel good hormones that make you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself you are less likely to indulge in harmful negative over thinking. Exercises that force you to be in the moment rather than drifting in your thoughts are most effective. Martial Arts is one such sport that you can learn which helps you stay in the moment and focus on your present instead of dredging out the past.

Way To Prevent Over thinking | ADHD Clinic in Bangalore Way To Prevent Over thinking | ADHD Clinic in Bangalore

3) Think about other people’s problems

Instead of drowning in your own problems, offer to be a lending ear to your friends problems and be open to helping them out. This will make you feel good about yourself and prevent you from entertaining negative memories or thoughts about yourself.

4) Focus on a Goal

Working towards a goal which will divert your energy into something productive is essential. As they say that an idle mind is a devils workshop. This will also help you improve yourself in many ways and enable self-development.

Get Expert Help Now!

Get Expert Help Now | ADHD Clinic in Bangalore Get Expert Help Now | ADHD Clinic in Bangalore

The reason behind your lingering thoughts and over thinking is your ADHD. Recognize that it is the disease and not you who are to blame. You can control your ADHD and not let ADHD control you. If you want to start getting organized and avoid being forgetful, it’s crucial that you get help right away. So book an appointment with CAPAAR the Best ADHD Clinic in Bangalore near you and get a proper diagnosis as early as possible. If you live on or near Bangalore, you’ll be relieved to know that the CAPAAR Centre in your areas now.

The CAPAAR Centre offers holistic Best ADHD treatment in Bangalore and cares for both children and adults. We are also affiliated with other Best ADHD Clinic in Bangalore and organizations to maximize our services. Are you living outside the Bangalore? No worries! We also offer online assessment via Skype. So wherever you are, know that the CAPAAR Centre is always available for your ADHD needs.

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