My Child is Suffering from ADHD, What Treatment Options Do We Have?

ADHD Child | Best ADHD Treatment in Bangalore

Best ADHD Treatment in Bangalore, Hulimavu | CAPAAR

I live in South, Bangalore and my child has ADHD. What are the treatment options that really work?

Well the good news is that there are multiple treatment techniques for the treatment of ADHD in India. Such treatment techniques come in a combination of two things – medication and therapy. So below are the treatment options:

Treatment through Medication for ADHD

Autism Treatment | Best Autism Treatment in Bangalore Autism Treatment | Best ADHD Treatment in Bangalore

The medication options are prescribed based on response of the child towards fast acting or intermediate-acting or long-acting types. Your physician may need to spend some time and analyze to arrive at the best medication, dosage, and schedule for your child. ADHD drugs may few times come with some kind of side effects however they tend to occur in the early weeks of treatment and a relief is these side effects are temporary and mild.

Behavioral Treatments for Children with ADHD

Behaviour Therapy | Best Autism Treatment in Bangalore Behaviour Therapy | Best ADHD Treatment in Bangalore

This behavioral Treatments will involve encouraging the development of a congenial environment that promotes more successful social interactions. Such setting up of environment includes creating paths to follow, encouraging routines, and clearly stating expectations of the child with ADHD.

Other Modes of Treatment :

Other Treatments | Best Autism Treatment in Bangalore Other Treatments | Best ADHD Treatment in Bangalore

CAPAAR is one of the Best ADHD Treatment in Bangalore, Hulimavu. Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy (PT) is one of the Best Autism Doctor in Bangalore who has been treated autism child with multiple treatment techniques. Here are the few other modes of treatments:

  • Social skills training – This involves encouraging children to learn behaviors that will help them develop and maintain social relationships.
  • Support groups – Educating parents and supporting them on how best to treat their child with ADHD is very necessary and thus support groups come into great help.

A well analyzed combination of such treatment options may offer much more effective results.

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurological disorder that appears in early childhood. During this it becomes challenging for individuals to control their spontaneous responses—responses ranging between involuntary physical movement to speech to attentiveness.

Typically the signs and symptoms of ADHD can be noticed by the time the child turns seven. But being able to distinguish between attention deficit disorder and normal ‘kid behavior’ won’t be easy. Especially when the recurrence of the symptoms is only on few specific occasions.

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