5 Exercises by Physiotherapists in Bangalore For Back Pain


Does the thought of any kind of stretching and bending your back scare you because it aches?

As a medical professional, Back Pain is a very common problem that comes from our patients. We do understand that the modern-day jobs require most of the people to stay bent hours towards their computer screens hardly giving any chance to worry about their body postures and that cannot be substituted too. However, you are certainly to be blamed if you could not take out a little time out from your busy day and stretch your body a bit. And it is a known fact that you hardly manage to pay any attention towards strengthening as we age.

There is a wrong notion among the people that only the elderly encounter back pain problems and others don’t. However, we must be aware that no age group is immune to back pain. With age, we tend to ignore the significance of bolstering the core and muscles at the back. Did you know only when you choose to do a few of those recommended exercises on a daily basis we give ourselves a chance to keep away from back pain and related degeneration away? They help in bringing down a general backache or any degenerative changes in your spine.

Let us make your search for fast relief from your back pain with 5 of these highly effective exercises recommended by the Best Physiotherapists in Bangalore.

Gear up!

1. Careful stretch in the Cobra Pose:

To begin with, lie on your stomach on your exercise mat to do this exercise. Now gently raise your upper portion of the body by gradually pushing your chest above the ground along with your hands. Remember to maintain your lower body from the pelvis to toes flat on the mat. Make an effort to stay in this position for at least 10seconds by extending your arms as much as you can. Then slowly go back to the initial relaxed position and repeat this 10 times for best results.

2. The Hip raise exercise:

Step one, you need to slowly bend your knees by first lying down on the mat on your back. Holding on to your bent knees, gradually raise hips by harmonizing your bodyweight upon your shoulder blades. Now start inhaling by taking a deep breath once you are in that position and hang on for a minimum of 15seconds. And the same routine here of 10 repetitions towards the strength and stability for the spine.

3. From the Knee to the chest stretch:

Almost like the previous one, lay flat on your back and bend those knees. The difference is that you are going to Lift that bent knee till your chest and hang on for up to 5 seconds. Doing this stretch gradually is necessary in order to avoid any excess pressure on your back. Now you can Repeat the same for the other knee and do this exercise for about 2-3 minutes.

4. Hip twist exercise:

This is one among the best exercise prescribed for the mobility of the spine. To start this lay yourself on your back on a mat. Bend both the knees and gently twist the lower half of your body to the left side without putting excess pressure. With this allows the knees to go as far as much it is comfortable for you. At the same time, attempt stretching your top half portion of the body to the right side or opposite side. Now come back to the original position and try the same thing in the opposite direction. One thing you should remember is to inhale and exhale deeply. This exercise needs to be repeated for about 5- 6 minutes and ideal to do it twice a day.

5. Crawling baby exercise:

This exercise targets and strengthens the lumbar and thoracic regions. It’s most beneficial in reducing the stiffness caused by sitting in a single place for long hours like driving, as it enhances mobility. This exercise posture looks similar to a crawling baby when you start it. Set yourself on a mat then stretch your hands and bend your body forward-leaning most of your weight on your knees. Attempt to continue in this position for a few seconds and allow the body to stretch and relax. 3-4 repetitions of this exercise recommended.

These exercises are recommended by physiotherapists in Bangalore to make positive changes in the back region and increase flexibility by reducing the stiffness. Please note that you can immediately stop an exercise in case If you experience sharp pain or any kind of discomfort while performing it. If you are having prolonged back pain, then you need to consult a Physiotherapists in Bangalore at CAPAAR. They are trained professionals in analyzing and diagnosing your issues and recommend customized exercises based on your level of fitness.

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