Worried about autism spectrum disorder? What to do

Worried about Autism

You should know your child best. If you’re worried about autism spectrum disorder (ASD), don’t be upset to act. This article outlines can take you to seek help about the Best Autism treatment Bangalore. Make an appointment with a health professional If you think that your child has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), it’s good […]

5 Facts Every Parents Need To Know About Autism

Facts about Autism Rates

Best Autism Treatment in Bangalore, CAPAAR Research shows that one in 68 children will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a complex developmental disability that affects a child’s ability to communicate, play, learn, and relate to others. While the symptoms and signs of the autism can vary widely between individuals, increased awareness and helps […]

Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration | Best Pediatric Physiotherapists in Hulimavu,Bangalore. Sensory integration is a term that describes the working of the brain that how our brain accepts and processes the sensory information so that we can perform the everyday life activities. There are many theories related to sensory integration and a therapeutic approach. Some of them are […]