The Hidden Burden: Exploring the Psychosocial Implications of Frozen Shoulder on Quality of Life

Frozen Shoulder

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A tale of frozen shoulder

One fine morning, Rakesh woke up with extreme pain in his shoulder. His right shoulder had become stiff and he was unable to move it. He had an important presentation in his office hence taking leave from work was not an option.

With great difficulty, he got out of bed and started preparing for the day. But the pain started descending from the shoulder to the upper part of the arms. As the pain started amplifying, he found no other way and rushed to the nearest clinic to seek medical help.

Upon diagnosis, the doctor detected that the cause of such stiffness and pain was a frozen shoulder. Rakesh wanted to know more about the condition. The following sections will show how the Doctor gave the necessary information about the condition ofthe frozen shoulder and made Rakesh aware of his condition and the treatments related to it.

The causes of a frozen shoulder

Immobility of arms or shoulders or certain diseases cause frozen shoulders. In Rakesh’s case, he had undergone surgery due to a fracture in the arm a few months ago. As a result, the movement of the shoulder and arms was restricted for a fairly long duration which was the cause of the frozen shoulder.

Causes of Frozen Shoulder | Best Physiotherapy in Bangalore | CAPAAR

People who suffer from diabetes or other diseases like cardiovascular diseases or thyroid are at potential risk of developing frozen shoulders. Also, people, predominantly women are more likely to develop frozen shoulders.

Impact on psychosocial well-being

The doctor highlighted how the occurrence of a frozen shoulder tends to drive away an individual’s independence. The pain and stiffness in the shoulder made patients less productive in their everyday lives. From wearing clothes to driving a car to shopping,the patient needs to be dependent on others. Also, the invisibility of the pain makes the condition of a frozen shoulder less acceptable to others.

Such situations give rise to a feeling of frustration and loneliness. The stiffness in the shoulder denies the patients of being part of the simple joys of life like taking part in a sport or playing musical instruments. The patients eventually start feeling like a burden as they seek help from others while performing the daily activities part of their regular lifestyle.

The solution

Best Physiotherapy in Bangalore | Frozen Shoulder | CAPAAR

Apart from medicines and injections to reduce the pain and induce mobility in the muscle joints, physiotherapy is also an effective treatment to overcome frozen shoulders. Professional physical therapists will increase joint movements through stretching exercises to reduce muscle pain and improve the functional aspects of the shoulder and the arms. Get our advanced best physiotherapy in bangalore!!


It is difficult to determine the occurrence of a frozen shoulder but once detected, medicines and exercises can act as a relief for the pain and stiffness in the shoulders. However, the loss of independence and sense of being a burden on others snatches away the simple joys of life from an individual. Awareness and empathy can make wonders and ensure the emotional well-being of all individuals suffering from frozen shoulders.

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