Speech and Language Therapy: The Right Time to Begin for Your Child

Speech and Language Therapy | speech therapist Near Me in Bangalore | CAPAAR

Speech Therapist Near Me in Bangalore | CAPAAR

A child’s first movements, first steps, first sounds, and first words are all very special to their parents. Every child has their own pace of development. From the cooing sounds to the mono-syllabic terms to pronouncing meaning sentences, it’s a delight to hear them.

All about Speech therapy for language development

Usually, between the ages of two to four, speech development takes proper shape. However, some little ones aren’t able to pronounce words, or some fail to follow instructions. It is the responsibility of the parents and the elders to trace their child’s language development. And, in case of abnormalities, taking your little one to a speech therapist near me in Bangalore is extremely crucial to ensure optimum professional assistance.

The right age for speech therapy

Right Age for Speech Therapy | Speech Therapist Near Me in Bangalore | CAPAAR
Right Age for Speech Therapy | Speech Therapist Near Me in Bangalore | CAPAAR

A child’s language development is categorized according to their age. Let’s check out the stages of development.

  • Age- 6 to 12 months

During this time period, the little ones start blabbering by uttering sounds like “ba-ba”. At the end of this stage, they must respond to their names and reciprocate simple actions like “Bye-bye.”

  • Age- 12 to 18 months

At this age, the young ones start pronouncing simple words like “da-da”. By the end of 18 months, they should pronounce a number of words and be responsive when addressed.

  • Age- 18 to 24 months

During this time, the monosyllables change to phrases comprising two words or more. The pronunciation must be developing, and they are able to follow instructions more precisely.

From the age of 2 to 4 years, the child must start pronouncing many words, construct meaningful sentences, and become responsive toward complex instructions given to them. In case they falter in understanding instructions, don’t answer questions appropriately, or language development doesn’t take place as required, taking the little one to a speech therapist is a must.

Why visit a speech therapist Near Me in Bangalore?

Why visit a speech therapist Near Me in Bangalore | CAPAAR
Why visit a speech therapist Near Me in Bangalore | CAPAAR

Developing speech and language at the correct time is essential. Otherwise, a lot of challenges may arise from the tender age. So, a speech therapist will be able to understand the root cause of the problem and bring out practical solutions to eradicate speech-related issues. Early detection will also ensure a quicker solution and better results.

Effective communication will boost the little ones’ confidence and help them grow academically and in other fields of life. They will start feeling socially acceptable, which will help them have a positive outlook towards life.

Communicating and communicating well is a key to excel in any area of life. In case of speech difficulties or delay, elders must take their child to a speech therapist without a second thought. Hence, from a young age, it is essential that a child masters the art of communicating through words and gestures to ensure a better and brighter future.

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