Cerebral Palsy – Exercises That Can Help Your Child!

Cerebral Palsy - Exercises That Can Help Your Child!

Cerebral Palsy is a medical condition where a pediatric child suffers from certain disabilities as a result of damaging his or her brain during or before birth. If a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy then she or he may experience the problem with their body movement and brain development may also get affected. Including with this difficulties, there are many other problems may encounter such as difficulties in hearing or vision, intellectual disabilities, learning disorder, impaired speech and seizure problems, etc.

CAPAAR is the Best Pediatric physiotherapist in Bangalore. Our doctor says that there are many causes that are responsible for a cerebral palsy child which are stated as below:

  • Premature birth
  • During birth, if the brain of the child is deprived of oxygen
  • Severe head injury
  • A brain infection

Here are some few regular exercises and physiotherapies which may help the child to grow up with better conditions for a cerebral palsy:

  • Joint exercises: Joint exercises will help a C.P. child to increase flexibility.
  • Muscle exercises: Muscle exercises can help to get rid of muscle tightness which is a common disorder seen in a C.P. child.
  • Stretching exercises: Stretching exercises can prove to be very helpful in dealing with the problem of body movement which is one of the most potent symptoms observed in a C.P child.
  • Balancing exercises: Balancing exercises can help the C.P. child to improve his or her balance.
  • Spine stabilization exercises: Exercising the upper and lower part of the spine can help the cerebral palsy child to strengthen his or her spines which will, in turn, help him or her to improve balance.
  • Wrist and knee exercises: These exercises will works on the affected wrists and knees, thus it improves the flexibility, self-reliance and better in body motions.
  • Swimming exercise: Swimming, as an exercise, involves the movement of many muscles and joints. It can thus help to improve body movement disorder.

Best Pediatric physiotherapist in Bangalore is at CAPAAR. Our doctor says that regular exercises and physiotherapy will make everyday movements easier for a child suffering from cerebral palsy.

In case if you have a concern or query you can always consult our doctor & get answers clear to your questions!

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