Beyond Childhood: How Fine Motor Skills Plant Seeds for a Successful Future

Importance of Fine Motor Skills - CAPAAR

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Before I begin talking about fine motor skills, I will be asking you two simple questions.

  • How did we write when our teacher gave us dictations in the classroom?

The answer is that we took down the dictation as we wrote neatly in our notebooks in a controlled manner.

  • How do we interact while talking to convey our messages to others?

The answer is while talking, the facial muscles work in coordination with lips and tongues, and at times, we gesture with our hands to convey our messages to others.

All these activities, writing, listening, talking, movements of hands, and facial muscles, are known as fine motor skills. In a child, the movement of their fingers, sucking their thumb, picking up small things from the ground, including their toys- all accounts for developing fine motor skills. Thus, fine motor skills are highly crucial and are the basic skills that an individual develops from childhood to conduct their daily activities.

Necessities of fine motor skills

Necessity of Fine Motor Skills | Autism Doctor Bangalore | CAPAAR
Necessity of Fine Motor Skills | CAPAAR

After accessing various parameters, I have come across the necessities of fine motor control that every individual must possess from a tender age. Here’s a list-

  • Achieving Independence

Independence is doing our daily chores by ourselves; it is the highest kind of autonomy that we can enjoy. Hence, from childhood, having complete power over our surroundings is an essential quality that we must all master. From being able to wear the dresses to opening and closing the door, every action is crucial for performing tasks independently.

  • Elevating self-confidence

When we can perform activities by ourselves without taking help from others, it acts as a confidence booster. For children, simple activities like when they build building blocks properly or when they start throwing a ball make them elated. They find confidence in every activity, which helps them become a confident adult in the coming years.

  • Understanding self-care

Children can take care of themselves effectively by having a grasp on fine motor skills. Be it brushing their teeth, washing their hands properly, or eating their lunch at school; they can perform all the tasks by themselves without being constantly guided by adults.

  • Boosting creativity

The creative aspect is very crucial for the overall development of a child. Having fine motor control will help the little one to draw and paint with different types of colors or make a model with play doughs, thus making their creativity achieve new heights.

The necessity of fine motor skills is of utmost importance. It helps to achieve independence, develop self-confidence, and excel in academic as well as co-curricular fields. If your child is facing difficulty in hand-eye coordination or while performing fine motor skills, you must definitely consult a healthcare specialist to seek professional help. Applaud your little ones every time they successfully achieve a milestone in fine motor skills and see them excel in every aspect of their lives.

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