What are the ways physiotherapy can benefits the Elderly?

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Physiotherapy is the form of health care option that helps a person recover and restore their normal muscular and cellular functioning, through exercises of the mind and body. It may be preventive, therapeutic, curative, or rehabilitative.

The gradual deterioration of the muscles & other cells in aging people leads to various issues and complications as they age. Also known as a highly challenging stream of medicine – Geriatric Physiotherapy, that extends from cardiac, muscular and even neurological matters.

Aged people may also suffer from a loss in self-confidence, a memory of their younger days which brings frustration and a lack of motivation when they find it hard to execute few particular tasks that were relatively usually a few years before. Being able to deal with all these problems they also need to poses a challenge to the physiotherapist.

Along with old age, they may suffer from a range of diseases such as mental disorders (Alzheimer’s, dementia), joint deterioration, arthritis and osteoporosis, and others.

With age and muscle and bone deterioration increases and the healing and strengthening takes more time than earlier years especially in case of any injuries or diseases. However, the good news is that the healing and strengthening processes don’t stop completely which Is where physiotherapy comes in handy as the exercises prescribed in it result in higher blood flow and opens up a window for quicker healing and growth, definitely faster in relation to their age. However, the goals should be realistic in relation to the severity of the condition. Even marginal or minor improvements based on efforts must be encouraged and enable them to do more.

Physiotherapy for the elderly | Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Bangalore
Physiotherapy for the elderly | Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Bangalore


This will enhance the person’s morale and drive them on to doing better. Physiotherapy for the elderly includes:

1. Lunge walking: Although not as intense as a regular lunge walk, an easy version of this exercise will involve wide deliberate steps to be taken in a straight line, with the hands placed on the hips. This stretches the leg muscles and improves coordination and balance.

Exercise offers great advantages especially for aged people with mental disorders and also with resultant loss of coordination and muscle weaknesses.

2. Martial art forms: Tai-chi is that form of martial arts that involves slow and concentrated movements to direct better energy flow through the body. A great benefit here will be that aged people won’t feel isolated here since it allows them to interact with people of similar ages, socialize and also it’s a very good form of exercise especially for those having an injury or disablement at that age to cope up with.

3. Sitting exercise forms: Very useful for those aged people who have complications using their legs in other forms of exercise. Here they can choose from a variety of exercises that can be performed using their hands, legs and also head but comfortably in sitting posture.

And also there is the scope of introducing elastic bands, exercise balls and weights once they are able to take assistance from a qualified physiotherapist, which makes them feel even better.

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