Precautions For Parents Need To Take While Dealing With ADHD Kids

Precautions for ADHD Child Parents | Be Choosy | Best Doctors for ADHD in Bangalore

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We have to start to teach our kids slowly the means to overcome the disapproval in the society against the children suffering from ADHD type of disorders.

It takes more than just being a Good Parent to ensure the happiness of your child and to be sure if he or she is all set for today and tomorrow specially if suffering from ADHD. Usually most parents are considered good with regards to their kids; however when it comes to this disorder “Good” is not good enough. It requires you to be an excellent parent to create an ideal place for your kid to grow at home.

Now here is the good news, for you to move from being “Good “to an “Excellent” parent it only takes a few delicate changes to the way of parenting you prefer specifically with regards to your way of interaction with your kid.

1. Be choosy when you see fault with outsiders when your kid is involved.

Once the children start growing up fast its natural that they come in contact with people who are not there immediate family. But as a parent if you are required to blame a person in connection with an incident where your kid is involved – be assertive. Have the complete picture before you take the next step. Let’s say if it’s your kid who is at fault and you make it a habit to point your fingers at the outsiders – this creates an easy escape route for him making way for irresponsibility – and the efforts towards his behaviour correction goes for a toss.

2. Be careful in you personalize the disorder – ADHD is the enemy not the child

At CAPAAR, Best Doctors for ADHD in Bangalore says that Children will be highly receptive of the inputs form the environment and that is why the approach has to be very specific in ensuring only the deed is punished not the doer. Sometimes few actions of the kids can be very frustrating but if you go ahead and label them with words like “stupid” or hyper“it leaves a permanent mark in their minds and eventfully they start believing the same that they are.

So as a parent you must exercise great care in order to not leave such a bad remark as the kids won’t be able to differentiate the purpose behind such a remark and take it rationally this early. Instead have a participative approach so that they too are equally involved and actively take a step in solving the problem.

3. A straight “No “may create more problems than solutions

As a parent in a day you may come across loads of instances where you may have to tell a “Yes” or a “No” to your kid. But the “No’s if used as a default reflex response for his requests without giving a thought, there could be a possibility of a “Yes “may turn a impulsive natured kid in particular towards a rebellion behaviour. Again the best practices – one exercising great care and secondly involving your kid in the solution for the problem (you probably would have said by reflex) – giving him the feeling that his stakes are in his control – is the best approach.

4. Focus on the positive aspects of the child’s behaviour

We parents in our effort to ignore behaviour problems tend to overlook the positive aspects in the child’s behaviour. This in turn leads to negativity.

CAPAAR has the Best Doctors for ADHD in Bangalore where our doctors will focus on the good things and behaviours of the child and immediately give the praise it deserves and makes it easy to convey the desirable behaviours or what you want from your kid positively. It reduces your stress of teaching again what you do not want from your kid. Plus children find happiness in the smallest of things which is why we as parents should make an effort to participate in their tiniest things like playing with them in a park or take them to a movie etc.

5. Anticipation and Consistency can get you the results

Let’s imagine a situation where you are supposed to attend the Parents. Meet along with your child and she has had a quarrel yesterday with her classmate who also will be present there. Here is where Anticipation works and keeps you prepared for any possible incidents which may embarrass you in front of the rest and to tell you the usual reactive approach may not work.

Another innovative means we have seen people applying is they explain their kids in advance what kind of behaviour is expected from them and what could also be the possible hindrances before they go out. And in worst case the children already know like dad or mom will approach them for a chat outside and discuss what is happening in order to manage the situation at hand.

Consistency comes to work when create a disciplined environment at home for the child to prosper and also equally and consistently stick on to the rules of engagement as an equal stakeholder with unity the results are far better.

6. Your behaviour matters even more

Being parents is not easy that too for a ADHD kid with special needs. He may sometimes or even many times make you lose your cool. But it is said that parents are their child’s most influential role model. So this requires a special level of self control, otherwise your efforts to teach your child the acceptable behaviours in life naturally goes for a toss.

Secondly yelling is wrongly perceived to have higher impact on children showing some unacceptable behaviour traits. We must understand that only the Anger is sent out in the process and again it’s bad for a child with special needs. As we do know the means to control our anger if we really need to – then we can surely be controlled on children in the first place.

So next time demonstrate the best self control in front of your child and make sure you do say sorry if you really had to shout at him.

7. Do not hesitate to seek help

Our Doctors at CAPAAR the Best Doctors for ADHD in Bangalore suggests that disorders like ADHD should be asked for a lot from parents. And if you choose to do it all alone it can be really exhausting. Which is why having a helping hand or a back up always works since this may last for years and there is rarely any space of relaxation unless option two is opted.

Secondly only when you start exploring what reasonable support you can get from near family and the relevant like baby sitters you will understand the various options you can opt to handle things better and won’t end up missing on the life’s happiness.

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