Autism Myth buster: ASD only affects boys

Autism Mythbuster

Autism Mythbuster | Autism Center Near Me | CAPAAR

This article aims to wipe off a well-spread misconception – ASD only affects boys. Let’s find out the truth.

Background to Myths

Often it looks like Autism tends to affect boys more if compared to girls. However, there’s no medical study or report that supports this notion.

It’s just a belief that has been generated from the general observation of people. What’s the reality, then?

What promotes the idea?

It’s quite challenging to detect Autism in girls as the behavioral patterns of the two genders vary greatly in the initial stages of life. Due to this reason, girls are usually detected with Autism later in life. With various challenges arising in life, they show up the symptoms of Autism.

The late diagnosis of Autism in girls somehow gives birth to the concept that ASD affects only boys as they show up the symptoms at an early age than girls. This camouflaging approach of the disease promotes this notion or misconception.

Autism Boy | Autism Center Near Me | CAPAAR
Autism Boy | Autism Center Near Me | CAPAAR

How to come out of this misconception?

Autism is not at all gender-biased! In actuality, it’s a condition that relates to brain development. It impacts how a person socializes and perceives others. The problem of social interaction and communication can exist in both boys and girls, and it can be labeled as Autism if limited and repetitive patterns of behavior are identified in the kid. Autism can be genetic and non-genetic, and reasons like pregnancy and birth complication, structural deformities of the brain, etc., can lead to ASD. It has nothing to do with gender.

Moreover, instead of calling it a disease, it’s better to call Autism a different way to communicate and react. It’s nothing but a condition, and even Autistic can live a full life, doesn’t matter whatever their gender is. They also have a different level of intelligence and different preference for living.


The rate of Autism is continuing to grow in developed and developing countries. This often creates a state of fear in parents and gives birth to misconceptions like ASD affects boys, and an autistic child can’t live a normal life. However, after knowing the information shared in this video, hope you have managed to come out of this severe misbelief. Just like any other condition, Autism also doesn’t differentiate between a male child and a female one. Those exposed to the possible environmental, genetic or other known or unknown causes of Autism get affected by it.

We expect that this article will help you to come out of the delusion!

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