What is ADHD hyperactive-impulsive type?

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Are you proud of your highly energetic child? In a social gathering, do others keep praising your super-active child?

Wait… while you are becoming so happy, it might be a matter of concern. Yes, what you are considering a super activity that might be an overactivity due to ADHD hyperactive/ impulsive

Yes, your kid is not sitting still that does not always mean he is very active and healthy. Rather it can be a symptom of ADHD hyperactive/ impulsive.

What is ADHD hyperactive-impulsive?

This is a health condition in which kid finds it hard to sit still and concentrate on any particular thing. They always remain distracted from the action that they are doing at a particular time. 

What are the symptoms of ADHD hyperactive-impulsive?

You might feel disappointed by knowing that the symptoms are very common actions in our daily life. So it seems a bit hard to identify the kids with ADHD hyperactive-impulsive. So as a parent, you have to keep your child in regular observation. Observe his/ her behavior in a social gathering, playground, and during learning classes.

The most common symptom includes

  • Non-stop and Excessive and talking. 
  • Quitting any task in mid-way.
  • Very much impatient to learn or finish a particular thing.
  • Jumping from one assignment to another continuously. 
  • Interrupting conversational for several times.
  • Becoming impatient to wait in lines. 
  • Running around the house all the time.

Regular observation of such behavior can help you to identify if your child has ADHD hyperactive-impulsive. In case you find anything doubt full then you can consult a doctor but action has to be taken as early as possible. 

What are the causes of ADHD hyperactive-impulsive?

Again, you will be disappointed by knowing there are not any specific cause reveals by scientist yet. But, several studies and thesis indicate premature birth, head injuries, smoking or consumption of alcohol during pregnancy, lead exposure in childhood might cause this disease. Apart from this, some scientists demand that genes and family history of the same are also responsible for these diseases. 

Not only that some of the unconfirmed researches also demand that excessive sugar intake, food color, food rich in artificial preservatives cause ADHD hyperactive-impulsive, but there is no solid proof.

So is ADHD hyperactive-impulsive an untreatable condition? 

Not. So many medicines are now available that treats ADHD effectively. The most common medicines that doctors prescribe nowadays are Lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse), Dexmethylphenidate, Methylphenidate, etc. Depending on your child’s behavior doctor might opt for pills, capsules, liquid, or even skin patches versions of these drugs. 

These medications usually help in keeping your child calm and steady. Depending on the situation your child may need antidepressant drugs too.

Apart from that, your child may need some special training in case of learning disabilities. Yes, lack of concentration and hyperactivity sometimes makes your child disable for learning as per their age. So they need special training and classes that help them to learn in their ways. Depending on the situation your child may need antidepressant drugs too.

While all of these treatment shows very good result but still there remain a chance of side-effects. The most common side effects include loss of appetite, underweight, anxiety, and lack of sleep. 

Does your child need psychiatric help?

Yes, that true. Your child needs psychiatric. Even only a psychiatrist can treat your child best. In extreme cases, your child may start to hallucinate different things. Being a parent you should be more sympathetic to your child and without scolding them, try to behave friendly with them. Consult your psychiatrist regarding how to handle your child’s hallucination. 

Here you should keep in mind, restricting your child to socialize and attain social gatherings can negatively affect their mental growth. So try to make them comfortable in a social gathering, don’t forbid them, rather keep eye on them and make them understand which behavior is wrong and which one is right.  

It’s true supporting and treating a child with ADHD is not an easy task but what you need is your patience. After all, it’s your child.

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