What are the challenges faced by ASD Children in social interactive

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What are the challenges faced by ASD Children in social interactive

We are living in the century of virtual magic. Most of the things can be done virtually now. Amongst all, social interactions enjoy the biggest amount of benefits from the virtual world. yet,  the importance of face-to-face social interactions still can’t be denied. And, here is the point of disappointment faced by most of the ASD children and respective parents as well.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the challenges that ASD children face.

Here we have to keep in mind that the efficacy of social interaction depends on three points: non-verbal communications, emotional connections, and the development or maintenance of the relationship. ASD children get stuck at these three points. Let’s discuss how?

Non-verbal communication. While communicating socially, it’s not mandatory to use voice. For example, we just wave our hand sometimes to say ‘hi’ or bid ‘goodbye’ to the person standing by. But for ASD children identification of such non-verbal greetings might be difficult. It does not indicate that they are unable to interpret the sign, rather most of the time they miss the sign. The reason is a majority of ASD children try to avoid eye contact and these create difficulty for them in case of conversation using only body expression or hand signs. A normal person also uses different kinds of body language to express emotions like sarcasm, anger, etc. Children with ASD also remain backward in this regard and it hampers their social communication to some extent.

Emotional connections. Although it will sound a bit low the truth is an ASD child usually remain incapable of realizing the feelings of others. So interrupting the talking of other people with requesting to excuse of leaving a conversation without taking permission does not seem to be abnormal to them. Another thing is that due to a higher level of anxiety, ASD children don’t want to wait to talk until their turn comes. Anyone with no prior knowledge of your child’s disease might get offended by such behaviors of your child in public.

Besides, it has been found that the majority of ASD children remain unaware of other people’s perspectives on a particular word of the conversation. So they speak or act anything they want. They own no or zero capability of the realization that what will the surrounding people think or feel by his act or words? These create a huge problem in social mixing and as a consequence, such children become avoidable entities by others. Over time, surrounding people starts avoiding the ASD children, either getting offended or due to lack of time for longer interaction.

Relationship maintenance and developments. This is the biggest challenge of ASD children. Since childhood such children face difficulties in making friends and so during teenage and adulthood, they lack friends. In the case of an ASD child, it might be possible that due to extensive training and coaching he may learn adequate words and phrases that could be used in a group conversation. But the difficulty arises as in most of the cases, they find it a bit more difficult to use the right phrase or word at the right time or context in comparison to the other children. Here we can expect that a group of children will have the patience of listening to the out of the context talking.

Another problem in relationship making, an ASD child face is the fear of social mixing. While a child with ASD starts attending therapy or school he finds out the way of communication at which he is comfortable. So he doesn’t want to lose his comfort zone and avoid building relationship with people don’t use the same. Rather they expect that other person will learn his kind of language or communication method.

Although all these sound too discouraging even in case you thought of giving special training to your child, still, it always to better let the children learn language intellectually as much as possible.


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