How to Deal with ASD child

How to Deal with ASD child | Best doctor for ASD treatment in Bangalore

The rate of children diagnosed with ASD is rising day by day. Being a parent it’s true that accepting the facts that your child has autism is very hard but still you have to be steady to raise your child.

You have to keep in mind that your child will also grow up but the difference is that your child need special guidance and more attention to brought up.

In this blog, we will discuss ‘how to deal with ASD children.’

Dr. Sumitha Hemamathy’s (PT) Best doctor for ASD treatment in Bangalore suggests, first learn about autism in details. These will help you to plan caring intervention for your child.

Try to be consistent at home. You may opt for specialized school where your child can learn sign language. But at home always try to minimize the use of such language. Rather, find out how your child reacts with specific words, picture, and incidents and sounds. Depending on such observation try to communicate with suitable signs, behavior, and body language. If possible also try to teach your child to understand sentences from lip movement.

Maintain a schedule. Most of the children with ASD feel irritated to any changes in their daily life or activities. So try to maintain a consistent routine concerning diet, physical activity, learning, pay time, and bed time. In case they have to deal with any unavoidable schedule changes prepare them for that change in advance.

Offer them a safety zone at home. Crowded and chaotic place, even it’s made by family members might cause irritation in your child due to ASD. Sometimes ASD children become aggressive by such family gathering and chaos. So it always suggested allotting them a separate room or at least a place inside the home where they can relax and spend their own time.  Beside, parents have to ensure that these zones does not contains any such material or arrangement that can help the children to do self-harm. It’s an appreciable idea to make such zone fill with the equipments and activity option that your child likes.

Praise them for their achievement and good behavior. Children with ASD most of the time feel neglected. With growing age such kind of feeling make them more incapable to socialize and lead a regular life. So from the childhood it’s very important for parent that they make their children valued. Even it’s a very simple task for usual child; still praise them for when they do it by themselves. Present them with their favorite stickers, books or other small thing that they likes on completion of any given tasks or assignments. Never discourage them if they get failed to complete any task. Rather praise them even for their efforts.

Spend fun time with them. Feeling of loneliness is very common in ASD children. So apart from therapy and study try to spend them a specific time on regular basis and play with them. Try to do the activity that your child enjoys.

Observe your child’s sensory sensitivities. Hypersensitivity to specific light, sound, images and even activity might make an ASD child aggressive. So always try to observe their behavior against such things and communicate with them accordingly. Avoid those things that your child dislikes, on contrary entrain you child with the sounds, light, and movement they like.

Lots of therapeutic packages, schools, and organization are now available for ASD children but remember that not a single one can be perfect for your child until you customized is as a parent.

In case your queries related to dealing your ASD child has not solved yet, feel free to write to me.

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