Food as Treatment Option for ADHD: Good Breakfast Ideas to Make ADHD Treatment Better

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Essentially, Breakfast is an integral meal for people with ADHD. It provides the basic proteins that they will need to get through the day. However, some tend to overlook the importance of a well-balanced diet and just adjust with coffee and this habit might work for ordinary people, but not for people with ADHD. Coffee is neither a breakfast nor it is good for ADHD. What you want is a morning meal which is fully loaded with necessary vitamins and minerals which are required throughout the day.

Challenges in the Morning

Breakfast is an essential component of your day. We’re very much aware of this, but we still tend to forget it. The main reason is that our ADHD brain forces us to conflict our daily morning routines, e.g., waking up on time, walking or exercising, getting ready for work, dropping the kids to school before going to work. Since you’re already aware of your schedule, you settle for some fast food and treat it as an adequate breakfast, but it’s not. No matter of what other substitute you take, nothing is good like having breakfast at right time.

The Importance of Breakfast

Importance of Breakfast | ADHD Centre in Bangalore Importance of Breakfast | Best ADHD Centre in Bangalore

Best ADHD Centre in Bangalore | CAPAAR ADHD Experts recommend that having breakfast which is high in both proteins and healthy fats. Your breakfast should be healthy and well-balanced which will help you to stay full for longer time. Having healthy breakfast in the morning can also promote the production of dopamine and nor epinephrine, which are two chemicals that are lacking among ADHD people. Sugars and carbohydrates should be avoided, as they can potentially cause your blood sugar to spike and may increase the emergency of hyperactive symptoms.

To help you with quick breakfast preparations, here are seven excellent breakfast ideas that you should try out. To save you from cramming in the morning, we made sure that preparation of each one is easy and it taking only 15 minutes at most. Try each recipe now and start your day.

Here are the New Breakfast Treatment ADHD Ideas:

·         Avocado Toast

A plate of bread with avocado’s toast and boiled egg toppings, is one of the breakfast treatment ADHD

Avocados are rich in proteins. The creamy and rich texture in avocados will always be a welcoming sight to any breakfast table. It is also loaded with other nutrients that provide you with the necessary energies which are needed throughout the day.

·         Hard-boiled Eggs

Two bread slices with a boiled egg on top with a two salt bottle

Eggs are also rich in proteins just like avocados, which will give you the energy required to start your day and get things done early. Comparing to fried eggs, this is healthier and less oily, which means you’re getting nothing more than just the content coming from the egg. Preparing hard boiled eggs is easier, so all you have to do is get them out of the fridge and boil them!  On Sunday night, make sure you boil at least ten eggs and store them in your fridge. Your breakfast for a week is now ready. All you have to do is take two per day until you reach the weekends.

Breakfast Treatment ADHD Ideas | ADHD Centre in Bangalore Breakfast Treatment ADHD Ideas | Best ADHD Centre in Bangalore

·         The Breakfast Burrito

A burrito food placed on a table with lemoncitos

Snooze button is a common theme for ADHD people in the morning. We frequently do this up to the extent where we no longer have the time to prepare our own breakfast and prepare for work. Having a big and proper breakfast can go a long way towards you having a great and positive day. If you don’t have time to make a big breakfast, you can always compromise with a breakfast burrito.

It might look like a long to-do list for breakfast, but the breakfast burrito actually comes together rather quickly than you think. It’s a quick-to-make meal which is perfect for breakfast or on the go. In addition, the variety of ingredients found in the breakfast burrito will not make you bored. Fast, easy, and burrito is and loaded with the ingredients necessary to get you stuffed will help you through the day.

·         Oatmeal

An oatmeal and a glass of juice place on a table

If you want to get all the nutrients and energies you need, you should take oatmeal into count. Oatmeal may get a bad rap for being bland and not flavoured at all, but it’s actually one of the easiest and healthiest breakfasts. Since oats are made of whole grain, they typically cook quick, thus saves your time and keeps you ready to start a new day.

·         Peanut Butter with Banana Toast

There are a large number of options that you can prepare breakfast with plain toast, among them one is the combination of creamy peanut butter and mashed bananas. This delightful and decadent treat is a sweet and healthy for your breakfast. There are two kinds of this toast: one is mashing the banana and mixing it with the peanut butter, or the other way is just slicing and placing it on top of your peanut butter toast. In both the ways you can sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, honey or even some granola on the top, if you’re looking for some crunchiness.

·         Impromptu Breakfast Pizza

A woman eating an Impromptu Breakfast Pizza

When you’re already in hurry and yet to prepare your breakfast, it’s important to improvise and create recipes that are filled with random ingredients, and is still healthy and flavourful. If you’re looking to have a full breakfast, we suggest you to try our impromptu breakfast pizza — it’s called imprompt because you don’t have to  gather the ingredients ahead of time. Instead, you get whatever it is you see in your fridge and just add them onto your pizza.

·         Breakfast Sundaes

Who says you can’t have ice cream in the morning?

Sundaes are a fun and light alternative if you prefer not stuffing your stomach in the morning.

The Breakfast sundae provides Calcium, Protein, Carbs, Potassium, Vitamin A, C, & D, Phosphorus, Iron, Niacin, and Riboflavin which are essential for body. It’s light yet full of flavours. You can definitely have this one as your breakfast at some point in a week.

When you have full control over your ADHD, you will enjoy all your breakfast. That’s why you need to get help managing it. If you’re facing with ADHD, you will tend to constantly forget making your breakfast. However, with the correct treatment, you can start turning things around and get your life back.

If you want to start getting organised and whip up the best breakfast every day, you should get help in a right away. So meet an expert for ADHD and get a proper diagnosis as early as possible.

Get the Best Out Of Your Breakfast

Treatment ADHD Ideas | ADHD Centre in Bangalore Treatment ADHD Ideas | Best ADHD Centre in Bangalore

If ADHD may be severe in you, but you should not use it as an excuse to make the best breakfast. There are so many ideas that you can try to whip up the best breakfast to get your morning started. The best breakfast ever will automatically changes to the best day ever. So use our ideas or your own to make the ideal breakfast.

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