Podcast 19: Few Tips for Instant Relief from Joint Issues

Tips for Instant Relief from Joint Issues
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Hi… this is Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy, Senior Physiotherapist, at CAPAAR. As you guys know, our motive is to give our maximum love, support, and care to kids who are in need and their families.
In today’s episode, I am going to talk to you about “Few Tips for Instant Relief from Joint Issues”.
Before talking about tips for joint issues, let us know about what joints are and how they are important in our body.
Joints are the places where two bones connect. They support your body weight as well as allow you to move freely even when they experience an incredible amount of stress. Of course, your joints are built strong to cope up with all this stress. However, what happens when you face an injury or a disease or even wear & tear of old age????
They become extremely uncomfortable and eat up all your “pain-free time”. Isn’t it?
Be it mild or debilitating pain, it is still not a welcoming one. Especially, when it is accompanied by stiffness and inflammation in the joints.
In this podcast episode, we will discuss a few tips that can help you to gain instant relief for your joint issues.

Keep listening to the below audio file to know more about “How physiotherapy can relief pain from Joint Issues”

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