Autism – FAQs

Autism - FAQs

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that causes significant communication, behavior, and social challenges. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that demonstrates restricted and repetitive interests or behavioral patterns. Early intervention and proper treatment at the right time help one to surpass the challenges faced by Autism. Let’s look at a few frequently asked queries to make a timely informed decision.

Can a child be diagnosed with Autism even if he/she can speak words and sing rhymes?

Yes, Autism Spectrum Disorder is not merely a speech delay but a communication disorder. A child with autism can name alphabets or colors and even sing rhymes but may not respond to his/her name or follow given instructions. It happens because a child may be repeatedly exposed to these words most of the time at a stage, and the repetition happens without a clear understanding and meaning of its usage.

Will a child be able to speak if he/she has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

A child with autism may have a delay in speaking meaningful words and forming proper sentences but, weakened communication is the indication. With a correct intervention, a child learns to communicate fast, make eye contact, engage in activities and follow instructions. Once the behavioral skills are in place, speech can be worked on next.

In many cases, the intensity is mild, and with proper intervention, a child can gain basic speech and in later stages, advanced skills as well. There are few cases where a child can still be nonverbal. A targeted plan for each individual is necessary along with regular follow-ups to achieve the required skills. And it can be done by trained professionals.

Can a child attend regular mainstream school if he/she has ASD?

A child with suspected autism, or who presents any language delay must be immediately put on interventions and stimulation plans. Initially, there may not be an exact diagnosis. However, there must not be a delay as a child with prompt intervention shows school readiness and is adaptive to the mainstream school system.

A trained professional can assess a child for school readiness before enrolment. The Right to Education Act and the Disabilities Act are in place to grant admission to such children in a mainstream school. In some cases, a child would require supportive services with regular school activities to keep education comprehensive.

Are all children diagnosed with ASD mentally subnormal?

A mental retard, as it was known initially or mental abnormality isn’t an integral part of ASD. A child with ASD can have a good memory and above-average cognitive skills but may have a hindrance in communication skills. Analysis shows only 30 percent of children with autism will have an intellectual disability.

Autism Centre in Bangalore Hulimavu | CAPAAR
Autism Centre in Bangalore Hulimavu | CAPAAR
Why does a child develop autism, isn’t their parenting done right?

The development of autism in a child is still difficult to understand. Study shows that some genes are compromised which leads to this disorder. Studies are being done on a few environmental factors like pollution, chemicals, and heavy metals to understand the involvement of any hazards. The connection of a wrong parenting style is a clear misconception that can be disregarded.

Nevertheless, it is important that a child is exposed to a stimulating environment where there are opportunities to bond and promote interactions is crucial for age-appropriate development. Hence, parents must strictly avoid exposure to digital screens and mobile phones of any child below 18 months.

How can autism miss a child when entire tests during pregnancy were normal?

There are not enough reasons to understand why autism develops. There are no blood tests, scans, or investigations available to diagnose autism before or after birth. There are tests available for genetic disorders like autism that are done after birth. The routine antenatal tests done during pregnancy do not cover the specific complication. An expert opinion is a must before undergoing the tests.

Should vaccinations be avoided in a child if he/she has been diagnosed with ASD?

Vaccinations are not associated with any cause of autism and they are essential to prevent life-threatening diseases. The Indian Academy of Pediatrics and other International Academies support vaccinating a child with autism.

What are the chances of the younger child having ASD if the elder one has autism already?

ASD is associated with a gene and the exact gene responsible for the disorder is not ascertained. At present, there are 8-16% of chances that a second child can have autism if the first child is already affected. Yet, it must be noted that early intervention can alter the course of autism. Even if a child is susceptible, being observant for early intervention and stimulating skills does help.

Can therapies like acupuncture, homeopathy, or stem cell transplants cure autism?

Autism cannot be cured with any of the above alternatives, but the order of the complication can be altered and trained for skills with the help of professional guidance. Available therapies like homeopathy, acupuncture, and stem cell replacement do not have a backing in support to treat autism. Some may do more harm than any good, and parents need to be informed before taking it up.

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