Autism Awareness Day: Let’s Light it up Blue

World Autism Day-Best Treatment for autism in Bangalore

Autism-This word is still considered as an indication of disability by most people. But is that so?

Not at all. Autism, more specifically Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is nothing but a neurological development disorder. We are living in a scientifically and technically advanced century, it’s 2021… Still, most people are unable to differentiate between disability and disorder. Our society still looks at an autistic child as a mentally challenged individual. Let’s break that social myth by supporting autism’ #Lightitupblue program

Unlike every year, Autism is going to celebrate autism awareness month, starting from 2nd April. Since the last few years, autism awareness among people has indeed raised to an ample extend but still, children with ASD face lots of negative experiences in their neighborhood, schools, and in social gatherings. So this year Autism decided to look after the spread of the required kind behavioral approach to worldwide autism patients with the theme “Light It Up Blue”.

Why Kindness is crucial to communicate or treat an autistic patient?

Kindness is the result of balanced love and patients. As usual child with ASD remains short temper and mentally depressed. So, rude behavior might harm their mental growth. Treating them with strict and rigid behavior might make them feel differently tackled in comparison to other children. As a consequence, they become reluctant to learn new skills or communicate with people and other children. Only kind behavior can help them to gather self-confidence with which they will be able to overcome the effect of their mental disorder and learn lots of skills as normal children do. Apart from kindness, patience is another thing that is very important to the brought up autistic child. Sometimes such children indeed take much more time to learn a basic thing but that is not intentional. Rather, it’s their limitation but that does not mean they are unable to learn that particular skill. Even, if an ample amount of time and scope is given to them, they can give far better output than the usual children in some cases.  

So many of us will now tell that autistic children themselves remain reluctant to social gatherings, group communication, or any kind of communication. Yes, it’s true but only to a partial extent. Because the fact is somehow different. Have you ever tried to analyze the cause of such reluctance?

Why do autistic children remain reluctant to communicate or mix up with people?

The reason is again they feel a lack of confrontment and support. Just imagine you are carrying out a group discussion, or a storytelling competition. Children are coming one by one and telling their speech or story. An autistic child is also in that group but when his turn comes after a few minutes’ audiences and even judges start showing annoyance. …And why so? Because that child was taking much more time to complete a sentence or maybe his tome was not as much as smart as others. But still, unlike other, he owns the ability to share his thought on the same topic. But you are not kind enough to give him his time and to understand his emotion. The key point is they are not disabled, need kind support, with which they can live similar life as of your child. Repeated feelings and experienced of getting ignored ultimately makes them reluctant to social gatherings, participations, and communications. 

There is no need to take special classes to talk or bringing up a child having ASD. Rather you can support such a child with greater empathy just by following the few things listed below.

  • Spend time with them with fun activity not never make fun of them.
  • Observe their sensory sensitivity and train or act accordingly. 
  • Praise them for their good behavior or new skill achievements. 
  • Don’t force them to break their schedule without acute reason.
  • Always try to make them feel comfortable.
  • Wait for their responses during activity or verbal/ non-verbal conversations. Make them feel that their responses are equally important.  

Why the color ‘blue’?

As already mentioned this year spreading, sharing, and supporting kindness toward the individuals with ASD is going to be the goal of Autism Awareness Month, so it’s expected that all the awareness campaigns will full of activities and things that ASD community children like. Cool colors are very good for such children as this gives them the feeling of calmness and sootiness of mind. Such feelings also improve their behavior and learning intentions. So blue color will symbolize the kind support toward the ASD community.

So let’s sprinkles the blues of care and support to such specially-abled children. Let’s stand by them. Join the CAPAAR’s Autism Awareness program.

CAPAAR is the Best Treatment for autism in Bangalore 

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