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‘Autism spectrum disorder ‘and ‘hearing loss’: these two conditions have become a usual problem in children. However, most of the times we consider these two health conditions the same. Although both comprise of similar symptoms in actual, these two are completely different conditions.

In this blogs I’ll discuss how you will understand which of the condition between ‘Autism spectrum disorder ‘and ‘hearing loss’ your child is bearing with.

As a parent, you must try to identify if your child has any of the two conditions or both. Early initiation of the treatment is always the best option for complete recovery. So I’ll suggest you look for symptoms in your child that includes,

  • Minimal amount of eye contact.
  • Delay in the development of social skills.
  • Delay in language and speaking ability development.
  • The tendency of social isolation.
  • Difficulties while repeating other’s speech.

All of these symptoms are common in the case of both hearing loss and Autism.

Sometimes a  wrong diagnosis may make the treatment ineffective.

It has been found that almost 40 percent of the patient with hearing problems have both the Autism spectrum and hearing loss.

So I’d suggest if you found that your child is not responding to sound stimuli as per their age, it’s always better to take your child to the audiologist at the earliest.

However, this problem might onset at any age. To identify, if your child is having ASD look for the symptoms like,

  • Your child is getting irritated with touching.
  • Any kind of disruption in their daily routine makes your child highly upset.
  • Certain kinds of sounds, lights, or texture make your child over sensitive.
  • Look after your child’s self-harm while getting over excited. In most of the cases child bang their head.
  • Even your child might start repeating hand gesture unnecessarily. He can sit or stand in some odd postures.
  • Your child is taking himself in a corner or alone even at a social gathering.

Depending on the condition, your audiologist might refer your child to the multidisciplinary team. Such a team contains psychological, linguistic development, and cognitive development specialist.

Nowadays, a hearing test is also done for newborn babies to detect any kind of hearing problem, however, for ASD it very hard to identify at this stage. Audiologists have to wait for the child’s special development. In some cases, it is found that the children with ASD develop hearing loss with aging if the ASD is left untreated.

The most common intervention for the treatment of ASD and the hearing loss related to ASD includes assistive technology, occupational therapy, social skill training, and speech therapy. Presently, there is no medication process applicable to the treatment of ASD.

Hope you have earned a basic idea about ASD and hearing loss from this blog. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us


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