Ankle Sprains – Do I need To See a Physiotherapist?

Ankle Sprain - Need Physiotherapy | Physiotherapist in Bangalore

Physiotherapist in Bangalore | Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy (PT)

What is meant by a sprained ankle?

We know that it is common to have injuries in our daily life with either roll or twist of our ankle maybe during playing any sports or even a casual stepping on an uneven surface. What exactly happens here is that our ligaments – those tissues that connect bones get overstretched. In severe sprains can ligament may get torn fully or worse fracture the bone. Yes also possible leading to an injury to muscles and tendons etc. in the ankle joint.

Ankle Sprain | Physiotherapist in Bangalore
Ankle Sprain | Physiotherapist in Bangalore

What are the symptoms that tell you to have an ankle sprain?

The swelling and pain you experience with the rolling of your ankle tell that you’ve sprained your ankle. Now the exact portion of an ankle injury can be determined by the area where it is paining, depending on whether the rolling of your ankle was in inwards direction or if it was outwards.

Treatment option at Home

Usually, the use of ice packs and pain killers are default home remedies suggested for ankle sprains, however, there are new findings that suggest otherwise. The best way forward for healing starts with rest and gradually working on a moderate range of motion and most importantly shielding your ankle from further injury. This you can start by taking a temporary break from your sport and also start using crutches to avoid limping, & elevating the foot in excess in order to limit swelling. And if in case the ankle injury is severe then you may have to opt for a proper boot to facilitate proper healing.

Ankle Sprain Pain | Physiotherapist in Bangalore
Ankle Sprain Pain | Physiotherapist in Bangalore

What are the various treatment elements a physiotherapist in Bangalore offers you?

The first thing your physiotherapist may do is to understand how severe is your ankle sprain. In case of diagnostic need, they may even go for imaging techniques like x-ray and ultrasound, which you will be informed as and when needed.

Since ankle sprains have good recurrence chances it is also recommended that you consult a physio even if the sprain isn’t severe.

Ankle Sprain Physiotherapy | Physiotherapist in Bangalore
Ankle Sprain Physiotherapy | Physiotherapist in Bangalore

Below are the things that form the focus of the physiotherapy treatment in Bangalore usually:

  • Inflammation reduction and ache management
  • gait retraining
  • Restoring joint mobility
  • Focused & customized exercise prescription
  • Steadiness and proprioception training
  • Awareness sharing on suitability of bracing and/or taping

Based on the assessment of the depending on the sternness of your ankle sprain, the physiotherapist will be able to design a treatment plan and also inform you in how much time you will be able to return to your normal life and also the sport. The more actively you choose to respond to the healing mechanism the better and faster will be the results.

Even though ankle sprains are never rare, good improvements have been witnessed under appropriate rehabilitation as they tend to reduce the chances any related problems in the coming days and years.

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