An Overview of Autism and Play Therapy


Autism and Play Therapy | Best Autism Centers Near Me | CAPAAR

It is often seen that autistic children cannot express themselves and their feelings properly. Don’t ignore your child’s autism suspicions. With timely medical help, you can improve the chances of your child. According to studies and experts, play therapy can best help develop social and emotional skills in children with autism. Play therapy is a great way to know your child’s needs. As the saying goes, children with disabilities have a unique power to learn and understand things.

Today in this blog, we will learn about play therapy for autism and understand how it can benefit your child.

What is autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a range of neurodevelopmental disorders that affect the brain’s development and the sufferer’s social, behavioral, and communication abilities. As a result, children with autism have difficulty communicating, understanding feelings, and expressing their needs. If it is not treated at the right time, then its treatment is not possible. As a result, children with autism may feel isolated in society.

What is play therapy?

Simply put, play therapy allows children to play in an open environment. Play therapy helps children learn more about themselves under the supervision of a professional. Play therapy works as a guide for children. Children with disabilities do not have the proper vocabulary to speak about their feelings and needs, making it difficult for parents to understand them. In play therapy, children can use toys to express their thoughts.

Types of Play Therapy for Autism | Autism Treatment Near Me | CAPAAR
Types of Play Therapy for Autism | Autism Treatment Near Me | CAPAAR

What are the types of play therapy for autism?

Every child has a different tendency to perceive and react to things. Below we have discussed some of the popular play therapy techniques for autism.

  • Floor time

Floor time is one of the most popular options for autism play therapy and can be done at home or at our Best Autism Centers Near Me in Bangalore. First, the professionals sit on the floor with the children and start playing on their terms. In this way, gradually, interaction can begin between the child and the adult, with the ultimate aim of understanding the child’s thinking and improving their emotional skills. This therapy enhances the child’s overall development on average.

  • Integrated Play Group (IPG)

At our Best Autism Centers in Bangalore in this play therapy for autism, two groups of children are involved together. In this, children with autism and neurotypical children play together so that children with autism can learn better social skills. Studies show that IPG sessions are very beneficial for children with autism. This session helps children to develop their abilities and use toys in a more specific way.

  • Joint attention symbolic play engagement and regulation (JASPER)

As the name suggests, this therapy helps children to concentrate. It involves teaching children to focus on the toy and another person simultaneously. As a result, children who go through this therapy interact more effectively with their peers and expand their range of play with toys.

What are the benefits of play therapy?

  • Children get a healthy and positive environment to interact.
  • Freedom to choose – like what and how to play.
  • Children are helped to express their feelings.
  • Makes children’s thinking power creative.


When choosing play therapy for your child’s autism, go ahead with an experienced Autism therapist in Bangalore. You can search for officially certified practitioners. You can also find play therapy autism activities to engage your child at home.

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