Why us

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Why Us

CAPAAR physiotherapy brings to Bangalore like no other clinic in the city provides a modern breakthrough with the traditional physiotherapy and re-building you as a person and your health which is your real wealth.
Our main objectives:-

  • Assess and diagnose the injury or reason for the pain
  • Pay attention not just to the symptoms but also the reason for the symptoms to take place
  • To educate and provide a custom designed program of exercises to help you prevent any future mishaps.

At our CAPAAR physio clinic, our aim is to provide high quality, affordable physiotherapy. Being located in the Silicon Valley of India-Bangalore, we understand that many clients could miss out on the physiotherapy due to their busy schedule, thus for the beneficiary of our patients, we also provide physiotherapy at home- for adults and also paediatric physiotherapy where our therapists ensure the best recovery of our client in their very own paradise they live in. We also have a programme especially for the corporate world known as Corporate wellness wherein the programs are designed in such a the way that they nurture the wellness in workers, regardless of the work environment and also help in making the workspace a more inviting and relaxing environment for the employees. CAPAAR cares for you thus providing your sessions at your very own workspace like factories, corporate offices etc.

CAPAAR not only provides physiotherapy at home and office but also is specialised in for physiotherapy for kids. Physiotherapy for kids is also known as paediatric rehabilitation program wherein it provides comprehensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation care for children of all ages. Pain is not the problem – it’s the signal, a signal to book an appointment with CAPAAR today-