8 Facts on Autism That Separate From the Myths

Myths About Autism

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You may have gone through a lot of resources in your effort towards gaining a better insight on Autism Spectrum Disorder, but we are here to offer you a clear distinction on the various myths and facts that exist. So here are the 8 Myths and Facts on autism that can help keep any of the misconceptions away.

Autism is one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the India also. Learn more interesting autism facts by CAPAAR, Treatment for Autism in Bangalore Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy (PT) is one of the Best Autism Specialist in Bangalore and she given a brief overview about Autism Facts and Myths in this article.

  1. Myth: Children with Autism typically avoid making any friends

Truth: The fact is autism as a disorder hinders the social skills in the affected children, which in turn makes it difficult to interact with their peers. However for the outsiders it may appear like such kids are shy or unfriendly, but the truth is that such children are unable put forward their intent for relationships the way their peers are easily able to do, asking for professional help.

  1. Myth: Children with autism do not express or even feel emotions as others do

Truth: Autism only affects the manner in which children communicate their emotions to others. However it doesn’t mean as the myth indicates that they neither can feel nor express emotions the way every on else around them can do. This perception is inaccurate.

  1. Myth: Children with ADHD are not able to understand the emotions of others.

Truth: The fact is that children with autism do understand the emotions of others when expressed in clear words or directly. However they find it difficult grasp unspoken interpersonal communication like any sadness expressed via one’s body language alone or sarcasm expressed through one’s tone of voice. Hence this area requires them to be trained to be able to catch non-verbal cues.

  1. Myth: Children with autism have lower levels of IQ.

Truth: You will be surprised to know that typically children with autism are very creative and when they are motivated to develop good behavior patterns they tend to do fine or sometimes even better than their peers.

Myths and Facts of Autism | Treatment for Autism in Bangalore Myths and Facts of Autism | Treatment for Autism in Bangalore

  1. Myth: Children display qualities that seem odd and will grow out of it.

Truth: Autism is a neurological disorder that affect the development of the brain and may continue throughout their life, however it can be treated well with modern techniques.

  1. Myth: Autism affects only children.

Truth: Children with autism tend to carry the symptoms of ADHD and as they become adults it stays with them. So the effects are not confined to childhood only.

  1. Myth: Autism is just a brain disorder.

Truth: Few studies over the years have thrown light on the fact that has shown that people with autism may also suffer from epilepsy, allergies and gastro-intestinal disorders.

  1. Myth: Autism is result of poor parenting skills

Truth: Back in the 50’s, a phenomenon called the “refrigerator mother hypothesis” was making headlines indicating that autism was a result of mothers who lacked emotional warmth towards their children. Luckily this myth has been scientifically taken down.

Treatment for Autism in Bangalore | CAPAAR | Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy (PT) will perform the new advanced tests which are being conducted all the time, so it is always better to ask the professionals what the evidence says.

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