Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapies: Why the controversy?

CAPAAR is one of Best Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapies in Bangalore. There are multiple controversy surrounding therapies and interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). You might hear different story from different people. Understanding, from where the confusions come from can help you learn and choose the right therapies for your child. In this page you […]

How to Find the Best Autism Doctor in Bangalore

Best Autism Doctor in Bangalore | Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy (PT) The Basics of Autism According to the research the Autism will affects a children’s ability to communicate and develop social skills. Autistic children may seem emotionally standing apart. According to the Best Autism Doctor in Bangalore at CAPAAR, they may exhibit obsessive behavior, including […]

Simple and Useful Tips to Enable Your Non Verbal Child – Speak

Best Speech Therapy Centre in Hulimavu, CAPAAR Statistics reveal that nearly 1/3rd of the children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are categorized as non-verbal or minimally verbal. However few of those children do manage to speak, however when they are supposed to engage in a longer or an important conversation, that ability […]