Helping your Child with Autism Thrive | Best Center for Autism in Bangalore

Best Center for Autism in Bangalore | CAPAAR (Useful Tips on Parenting, Treatment Options and Support that can make your journey smoother) When it comes to caring for children with special needs like Autism Spectrum Disorder, parents have to be equipped with a higher emotional strength and few additional skills to handle things better. It […]

Sensory Issues We Should Be Aware in Children with Autism

Best Centre for Autism Treatment in Hulimavu, Bangalore | CAPAAR4AUTISM A neuro biological natural process which enables us to do the actions that we are required to do every day; in which the sensory information from the internal and external environment is received and processed by our brain is known as Sensory integration. Now when […]

How to Help a Stuttering Child with Autism?

Best Speech and Language Therapy in Bangalore | Capaar4Autism. Autism is termed as a developmental disability that appears in children before they age 3. It is disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, communication and repetitive behavior. Children with autism coupled by speech fluency disorder may show signs like utter harsh sounds, repeat other peoples words, […]